Living in the Middle

Jimmy Montgomery grows up wealthy, White, and privileged —but discovers it’s all a lie. Should he try to hold onto his old life, embrace the new, or simply Live in the Middle?

New York, Early 1900s: Jimmy Montgomery comes from old New York money and grew up among the Manhattan elite.  At the age of eighteen he discovers his whole life has been a lie.  Assisted by a long-time family servant, Jimmy follows his roots back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to answer the burning questions in his life.  Who is he?  What is he? Where does he belong?  He finds love and friendship along the way, but full acceptance from either the White or the Black world eludes him.  When trouble pits the White population of Tulsa against the Black community of Greenwood, Jimmy must finally make a choice—he can no longer Live in the Middle.  His decision will alter the course of his life and those he’d come to love.  What will he decide?  Pick up a copy to find out.

LIVING IN THE MIDDLE, the fourth volume in A. Robert Allen’s Slavery and Beyond series, is a stand-alone novel that continues the broad themes of the first three volumes, Failed Moments, A Wave From Mama, and Minetta Lane.

Coming soon May 2019.

Failed Moments

Published February 2015

What if the only way to survive your life is to go back in history and right the wrongs of two other men’s lives?

Setting: French Caribbean Slave Revolt in 1790 & New York Draft Riots in 1863


A Wave From Mama

Published September 2016

A former slave gets his dream job building the Brooklyn Bridge, but finds himself at war with the gangs of Irishtown. Will the corrupt Metropolitan Police save or sacrifice him?

Setting: The free Black town of Weeksville, Brooklyn 1863 – 1883


Minetta Lane

Published February 2018

Stay and fight or cut and run? Can young Bodee Rivers change his ways and muster the courage to help others avoid a tragedy of an unimaginable scope?

Setting- Minetta Lane, Downtown NYC, 1904