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Zero Tolerance for Staying on The Sidelines

The story began weeks ago but took a while to become front and center. The new Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy at the border resulted in children being separated from their parents. From what I recall, it was the misguided reference to a passage in the Bible by our Attorney General that brought this to the… Continue Reading

A Visit to Minetta Lane

New York is about as modern as any city in the world.  Once it began marching northward in 1811 with its grand grid design, all of the new blocks were both spacious and predictable.  Over the years, the never-ending building boom replaced older structures with new modern spaces at remarkable speeds. Even in old New… Continue Reading

The Third Eye

I’ve always believed that as time marches forward, we will come to understand more things that are mysteries to us today.  For example, if we could transport people from 1618 to 2018, they would have great difficulty understanding how a light bulb works.  The evidence of light would be apparent, but the concept of the… Continue Reading

More Guns Equals More Safety?

Seventeen people were killed on February 14th in a Florida school—the latest in a series of mass shootings we’ve endured in public settings over the past few years.  The automatic responses have already been issued:  the Left is calling for gun control and the Right indicated that this is not the time to discuss it. … Continue Reading

1904- What a Year!

My process in writing begins with the selection of an interesting point in time.    Failed Moments, which took place from 1790 to 1863, began with the Haitian Slave Revolution and ended with the American Civil War.  A Wave From Mama, set in Brooklyn, spans the great period of change between the end of the Civil… Continue Reading

Applause for Mushroom Clouds

A full orchestra provided a sound track to the images on the screen for an audience, clad in their finest evening attire, which represented the elite of society.  Missiles were launched and video tracked their progress across the Pacific.  At times the crescendo of the music surpassed the applause, but in the end the applause… Continue Reading

They Don’t Belong Here

You know the ones…they took our jobs and drained our resources…they need to go back to where they came from. A major newspaper explained their racial inferiority through a series of detailed articles and things became uncomfortable for them—some left.  Bus companies did their part and offered one-way reduced fare tickets.  The Federal government hired… Continue Reading