They Don’t Belong Here

You know the ones…they took our jobs and drained our resources…they need to go back to where they came from.

A major newspaper explained their racial inferiority through a series of detailed articles and things became uncomfortable for them—some left.  Bus companies did their part and offered one-way reduced fare tickets.  The Federal government hired additional agents to check documentation.  A large state government took an interest and researched the legality of the Federal actions—everything appeared to be on solid ground.  A particular county within that state joined the fight against them with an added level of sophistication; deportations were reframed as repatriations.  A coordinated program of propaganda and intimidation was launched and the media assisted by providing graphic documentation of the brutal raids.  More of them became afraid for their lives.  More of them left.

Organized protests began and this presented an opportunity.  The Federal government arrested the leaders along with the more vocal protesters as possible subversives.  They were already stealing jobs…they were already inferior, but now, they were criminals.

Estimates are that approximately one million of them were deported or left voluntarily based on the abuse to which they were subjected.  According to many sources, as many as half of them were U.S. Citizens.

This is all true.  Yes, I’m sad to say this actually happened.  They are Mexicans, the Federal government is our own and this happened in the early1930s.  The major newspaper that ran the series about the inferiority of Mexicans was the Saturday Evening Post.  The state that joined the fight and the county that “upped the game” were California and the County of Los Angeles.

My limited research didn’t uncover any evidence that The Saturday Evening Post acknowledged any wrongdoing for its inflammatory series of articles with titles such as, “The Mexican Conquest,” “Wet and Other Mexicans,” and “The Mexican Invasion.”   California, however, apologized for their actions in 2005 and the County of Los Angeles, in 2012. The United States, however, never apologized.  In 1954, The Federal government deported another million Mexicans with a program that was actually entitled, Operation Wetback. Then in 2017…