The Third Eye

I’ve always believed that as time marches forward, we will come to understand more things that are mysteries to us today.  For example, if we could transport people from 1618 to 2018, they would have great difficulty understanding how a light bulb works.  The evidence of light would be apparent, but the concept of the invisible electricity might seem magical and would have to be taken on faith.  Similarly, a few characters in my books have special gifts that enable them to see or feel future events. Just like with the light bulb, I ask my readers to accept this on faith.  Some readers send me emails or write reviews where they express how much they love this stuff.  Others hate it and aren’t shy about letting me know that as well!  The purpose of this month’s blog is to shed a little light on topics like this so that the haters have an opportunity to be more accepting and the lovers will get a deeper understanding.

Let me begin by saying that I am by no means an expert in the paranormal.  My mother believes in it deeply and I heard about this a lot as a child.  As a writer, I find the topic fascinating and use special gifts as an effective tool to occasionally move my stories forward and provide added color to characters.  My first book, Failed Moments, is actually the result of a very vivid dream I had about my deceased Aunt Grace.  My most recent book, Minetta Lane, includes a clairvoyant character.  “Clair” can be translated as clear and “voyant” as one who sees.  A clairvoyant, therefore, is one who sees clearly.  Most of the readers of my blogs are fans of fiction, so I’m sure you can see the potential in using clairvoyant characters to add interesting twists to a storyline.

In Minetta Lane, I explain how this clairvoyant character used his Third Eye to see things that will happen in the future.  When I did my research on the Third Eye, I found a tremendous amount of material.  This concept is firmly grounded in Eastern religion and loosely supported by modern-day science.  The ancients referred to the Third Eye, the spot in the middle of the forehead, as the seat of the soul.  In later years, people used terms like Mind’s Eye or Inner Eye to refer to the same thing. The scientific basis for this relates to the pineal gland, which is located in the spot where the Third Eye is assumed to be.  This gland is sensitive to light and produces melatonin, which affects the modulations of sleep patterns.  The pineal gland is shaped like a pinecone and symbols of this gland can be found in artifacts dating back to ancient times.

In more recent history, there are stories of the Nazi government in Germany conducting experiments involving clairvoyance during World War II in an effort weaponize the gift.  In addition, according to some sources, both the United States and former Soviet Union governments conducted similar experiments after the war ended.  Some shadow organizations like the Illuminati are also rumored to have explored research in this area as well.  I’m not sure if I can back up all of the statements in this paragraph, however, so let’s just accept them as additional color relating to a fascinating topic and maybe the next time someone says, “I saw this in my Mind’s Eye,” you’ll have a whole new appreciation for their meaning!