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Pearls from the Past

I lost my chance with my dad—there are so many little things I wished I asked him before he passed away, so I was determined not to make the same mistake with my mother. She is 94-years-old and I visit her every Sunday. We sit and talk as I help her with her bills. Mom… Continue Reading

Let’s Stop Screaming Yes and No

I’ve written a few times about the great debate involving controversial historical monuments in this country.  The two sides in the matter are deeply dug into their positions.  One group yells, “No, you can’t take them down—it’s history,” and the other screams, “Yes, you must take them down because they’re hateful.”  In my opinion, the… Continue Reading

The Line

I woke up from a dream and my hands trembled as I sat by my computer to recreate what I’d just experienced. Here it is. The line snaked around the corner as everyone nervously waited. The women fixed their hair and the men alternated between straightening and loosening their ties. Was it better to look… Continue Reading

The Adorned and the Unsullied

A long Sunday morning web surfing session with a cup of coffee by my side delivered me to a site called, Fact Retriever and I quickly discovered an interesting article entitled, 50 Thought-provoking Facts about Race and Racism written by Karin Lehnardt. All fifty facts were of interest, but Fact #5, which relates to the future,… Continue Reading

Lessons Of Our Fathers

Lessons Of Our Fathers

I remember being at a diner once when a well-intentioned waitress introduced a Pakistani man, who was sitting alone, to an Indian man, who was with his son. She must have thought that since they both were originally from the same general region surrounding Kashmir, they would likely become fast friends. At first, this seemed… Continue Reading