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When You Attack the UK, You Attack US

I’ve been reflecting on the attacks in the UK over the last several months and while I cringe when I hear about this type of thing happening anywhere in the world, I must say that the UK attacks feel particularly close to home.  Given that I have no close personal connections to the UK, I… Continue Reading

The Difference Between Celebrating and Not Forgetting

The New York Times published an article on May 27th entitled, “In Popular Park, a Point of Contention.”  The opening line provides the angle for the piece: “ST. LOUIS—The angry, divisive fight over public symbols of the Confederacy has swept through Columbia, S.C., Birmingham, Ala., and New Orleans.  This week the debate made its way… Continue Reading

A Pop Quiz

This month’s blog will appeal to students of history and is presented below in question format. Yes, that’s right. I know I didn’t announce it…I’m giving you a pop quiz! If you read my books, I think you’ll know most of the answers, and if you haven’t yet had the chance, this will give you… Continue Reading

Slavery in New York

From the revolutionary war era through the end of the Civil War, New York was on all sides of the slavery issue. Slavery was alive and well during the years preceding the conflict, and then the desire for soldiers caused both sides during the war to grant freedom to males who were willing to enlist.… Continue Reading

It’s Finally Time to Talk About The Flags

The debate about the Confederate flag has been in the news of late and many of us have strong positions on both sides of the issue. I’ve always believed that before you make up your mind and take a firm stance, it is helpful to hear a reasonable and logical presentation of the opposing view.… Continue Reading